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My name is Federico, I was born in Bologna and I am 55 years old. I am a husband, a father and also an amateur photographer passionate to art and photography.
I have never been a good writer, actually I’d like to apologize for my short biography (or maybe you’ll be grateful for that).

I love photography, it is a form of art as much as painting, sculpture and why not music. I use my camera like a brush through retouching software; alternative way to do photography. My passion started when I was a teenager, I inherited this passion from my father, who taught me to hold the camera in my hands.

I try to photography anything that touches me emotionally, nature, landscapes but especially people. Photography allowed me to get out my “comfort zone”. Confidence grew-up exponentially  and I find more interesting to compete with myself than with others photographers.

I find very boring to tell you about my professional experiences and what I am able or not able to do, but if you are curious you can visit this page.
Freezing time into a photography  is the best way to use my time, either on the street or in a room pose.

Feel free to contact me if you want. I am available to exchange opinions and suggestions.


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